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[wingide-users] Bug report (windows)

Peter Bengtsson mail at
Sun, 02 Feb 2003 23:50:11 +0000

Suppose I have opened a file in some folder say C:\files\folder1\
Now I want to open a file that is located in C:\files\foobar\
BUT I also have a file called in C:\files
So I type C-x C-f, backspace backspace backspace until it says "C:\files\"
I start typing foobar and press Tab. Nothing happens of course because 
"foobar" is not unique. If I'd want to open the file called I'd 
just type "." and press Tab and Enter.
But, to get to the subfolder called "foobar" I'll need to enter a "\" 
backslash. Doing this exists the open-file thingie at the bottom and 
inserts a "\" backslash in the currently open file.

The alternative is to use the File menu and Open...
Note: This also means that I can't open from "C:\files\" to 


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