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[wingide-users] Project manager questions

Matt Goodall matt at
Fri, 08 Aug 2003 10:57:54 +0100


I've only started using Wing IDE recently and I've got a couple of 
questions related to the project manager which I could not find answers 
to in the manual or by searchin the web.

1. Can I add a directory tree without including certain directories. In 
particular I don't want to import the CVS and .svn directories.

2. Is is possible to reduce the length of the directory name displayed 
in the project's file list area. I've got things like 
file:/home/matt/src/blah/blah/blah which is a little hard to work with. 
The ability to set a base directory for the project would be nice - any 
directories under there could be relative, directories outside of the 
project tree could be absolute.

Thanks, Matt

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