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[wingide-users] Debugger and embedded interpreter

Wing IDE Support support at
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 10:31:26 -0400 (EDT)


Have you tried setting kEmbedded=1 in

I'm not sure why it would fail to connect back to the IDE if the IDE is
howing "Ready and listening" but in general for embedded debugging it
should only connect once when you start up the environment and stay
connected across invocations of your Python scripts.  The kEmbedded flag
should cause it to stay connected (it disables the code that tries to
detect when your debug process exits).

BTW, the Python Path should definately be set correctly to get results
from auto-completion and other tools, but shouldn't be related in this
case.  That isn't passed to the debug process and in fact environment
values set in Project Properties aren't passed either in the case of using
wingdbstub, where by design it just inherits setting from the environment
(except those settable in

If that doesn't help, let us know.


Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
Archaeopteryx Software, Inc
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On Tue, 15 Apr 2003 wrote:

> Sorry about continuing questions. BTW, so far
> I am very favorably impressed with Wing, and will
> likely recommend that we use it for our
> development.
> I am having what appears to me to be intermittent
> behaviour of the IDE being able to connect to
> the debugger when an embedded interpreter
> is being used.
> I followed instructions in the docs for
> "Debugging Externally Initiated Processes", and
> have installed, and import wingdbstub
> in an early place in the code. I have seen this
> work fine, and then see the debugger not connect.
> Here is the sequence of events, I think:
> 1) Initially, it worked fine, after getting the above
> stuff setup
> 2) Then, it stopped connecting (that is, no breakpoints
> hit and "Debugger:Ready and listening" never changed)
> 3) I found, via "Source:Show anaylsis stats", that
> I had the Python Path incorrectly set. Fixed that.
> 4) Now debugger connected ok again.
> 5) Time passes, meetings happen, now debugger wont connect
> again. Problem in 3) doesnt exist this time. I cant seem
> to find anything that will get it to work again. Even tried
> re-booting (this is being run on Win2000).
> In both cases of debugger not connecting, I have set
> kSilent=0 in wingdbstub, and see that an exception is being
> thrown, to whit:
> wingdbg - 2003/04/15 16:32:06 - ABOUT TO INIT
> wingdbg - 2003/04/15 16:32:06 - SET UP C CORE
> wingdbg - 2003/04/15 16:32:06 - setting __fClient to
> <netserver.CNetworkServer instance at 02E3944C>
> wingdbg - 2003/04/15 16:32:07 - Could not connect to debug client
> wingdbg - 2003/04/15 16:32:07 - Exception is: socket.error(10061,
> 'Connection refused')
> wingdbg - 2003/04/15 16:32:07 - netserver CLOSECHANNEL
> wingdbg - 2003/04/15 16:32:07 - Starting non-client run
> Any suggestions?
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