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[wingide-users] Feature request: automatic window positioning

Andrew Ittner wb at
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 19:25:31 -0700

I want the document windows (just scripts) to take up the horizontal left
2/3rds of my screen; the debugger to take up the remaining third, and the
project window to float on the right side (going behind the debugger as
needed).  Each window should always take up the maximum vertical space (I'm
using Windows 98SE, and I have my taskbar double the normal height).

I want all these windows to size exactly the same for each project and every
new project.

Right now, I can only specify the location and size of the documents windows
using the preferences file, and that includes the debugger.  If I tell
WingIDE to save each project's window sizes, I end up futzing around with my
umpteen-different projects trying to get the sizes for each just so...

Is there any way to accomplish this with v1.1.9-1?


Andrew Ittner

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