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[wingide-users] usability feedback from a new customer

Wing IDE Support support at
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 14:14:32 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, Stephen Bartlett wrote:
>   o  The Windows menu of the Source Browser grows in width by a pixel or two
> each time it's shown.  I managed to get it as wide as my screen over a few
> days.

Yes, we really need to fix this.

>   o  I've crashed Wing a few times by selecting a code block and then
> left-clicking within that code block (as if I were going to drag it, but I
> didn't).

Hmm, thought that was fixed long ago.  We'll have to look at it again.
Can you email your linux dist and version number to

>   o  The ctrl+fn key combos conflict with KDE's use for those, which is to
> switch between desktops.  So I can't search for the selection forward or
> backward, use Next/Previous View, etc.  Sure wish there was a way to tweak
> Wing's keyboard mappings!

You can edit keymap.normal (or keymap.emacs if using emacs mode) in your
Wing IDE installation in order to alter the key mappings.  In the future,
we'll add GUI to customize those.  Avoiding window manager specific
bindings in the defaults has been a real pain.

>   o  The Search/Replace manager is funky, and I still haven't gotten
> comfortable with it.  Haven't figured out how to keyboard-navigate from the
> Search field to the Replace field.  The default "beep" is obnoxious (plain
> and too loud, and I hear this a lot) -- wish I could have Wing play a sound
> file of my choosing instead.

We've completely rewritten the search/replace manager for 2.0.  It should
both be less annoying and will include things like grep/multi-file search,
regex support, etc.

The beeping is annoying and not very useful since the status area also
indicates the search result.  Beeping should go away if you uncheck the
Incremental check box.  I think removing the beep is probably reasonable
for the upcoming 1.1.6 release.

- Stephan

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