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[wingide-users] Problems with debugging

Fredrik Juhlin laz at
16 Oct 2002 11:35:40 +0200


I have problems with Wing's debug feature when I try to use a Python
build that was configured with --with-pydebug.

When I try to start a debug process the debug console flashes appears
and then disappears quickly. The debugger waits for a back-connection
until it times out and gives up.

While trying to find the reason for this bug, I tried using wingdbstub
and setting the debugger in passive listen. This works fine when running
the process I want to debug with a python that is not configured with
pydebug, but when I try to run it with a python that is configured with
pydebug the process runs but never connects to the debugger in wing.

I tried to trace what happens by sticking print statements in strategic
places. The furthest I come is into wingdb.CreateErrStream(), where it
calls netserver.abstract.CErrStream(). Since only the pyc version of
netserver is supplied, I can't go any further into that file.

Any help is much appreciated!


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