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[wingide-users] Indentation confusion.

Tom Whittock tom at
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 12:58:47 +0000

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I stumbled along a feature that perhaps needs to be made a little more 
clear in the documentation, since it's had me confused for the last hour 
or so...

edit.indent-size is actually set by the first code-like indent in a file.

This was especially confusing since I had a file like the one attached, 
where there was a commented block which had an indent size of 3 spaces, 
whereas the rest of my (real) code has an indent size of 4 spaces. Every 
time I tried to indent a new piece of code, the IDE used an indent size 
of 3 spaces and I started hunting through the preferences instead of the 
source itself.

I was thrown off track by the FAQ which said:

Why is the editor ignoring my configured tab size?

The editor will respect indentation size, given in characters, for all 
files. [...]

As a fix, perhaps an option to take the indent size from the preferences 
file only, to bring it into line with the FAQ, or maybe skip over 
comment lines when searching for the indent size would save others the 
confusion I just went through?

Apart from this, I've been mighty impressed by Wing. Thanks for a great 
editor. I especially like the auto-complete! Makes my likfe a lot easier.


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"""My WingIDE indentation case"""

#class RefClass:
   #def __init__(self, a):
      #self.a = a
   #def method(self):
      #print self.a
class RealClass:
    def __init__(self, a):
        self.a = a
    def method(self):
        print self.a

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