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[wingide-users] New Wing instance vs existing

Ken Kinder kkinder at
25 Nov 2002 10:11:34 -0600

Lately the feature of Wing where you type "wing <filename>" opens a new
window in an existing IDE seems not to work for me. It just launches a
new copy of the program.

I'm not sure if this is why or not: I ssh into a development server and
run Wing over a remote X session. I generally run several xterms each
with different ssh sessions, but this has always worked in the past. The
only change I can think of is that with a recent update, X forwarding
was turned off as the default, but I always use "ssh -X" now.

How does WingIDE determine whether it will open an editor or a new
instance of the program?

Ken Kinder
Requirements Manager; Core Team -- Rackspace Managed Hosting(tm)
210-892-4025 x1095

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