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[wingide-users] strange problem

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Fri, 31 May 2002 16:28:33 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Jeff Sasmor wrote:
> With Wing 1.14 I have noticed two strange things:
> 1. when it starts, it uses almost 100% of my PC (@1.4 GHz) for
> about a minute 20 seconds. The GUI is almost unresponsive during this
> time. Previous versions did this, but it only seemed to take a few moments.
> 2. Occasionally Wing stops responding to keystrokes during typing.  I find
> myself typing and then I look at the editor and there's nothing there.  All of
> a sudden (after 10 seconds +-) the text appears. Hmm.

Version 1.1.4 added a number of optimizations aimed at avoiding this kind
of thing... apparently we've achieved the opposite effect in the case
you're seeing.

The initial startup time is checking files for changes and redoing parts
of the analysis process as needed.  You may be running with a Python path
or project file that leads to discovery of a very large number of Python
files that Wing needs to check for changes.  This would be consistent with
hanging during typing, if the file change checking is choking on a large
file set.

To test this theory, try setting this pref and restarting Wing:


This will turn off most of the external checking code, so would avoid
the periodic hanging while typing (but the initial check at startup would
still happen).

BTW, another reason for hanging at startup is reopening of a large
number of source files.  Close All fixes that... but it doesn't sound
like this is your problem as the GUI should be *entirely* unresponsive
during reopening of files, and not merely almost unresponsive.

One more thing to check is whether WINGHOME/profiles/[username]/cache is
there.  Versions of Wing before 1.1.4 sometimes failed to place that
directory, causing failure to cache analysis results, which made for much
slower startups.  We fixed that in 1.1.4 but it never hurts to check. In
fact, removing the cache directory and restarting Wing would also rule out
some corruption there.  We've never seen such a thing but it may be worth

If anyone else finds Wing 1.1.4 to be slower that previous versions,
please let us know.

Thanks for reporting this.  Hope the above helps... if not, let us know.

- Stephan

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