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[wingide-users] strange problem

Jeff Sasmor
Fri, 31 May 2002 09:57:43 -0400

With Wing 1.14 I have noticed two strange things:

1. when it starts, it uses almost 100% of my PC (@1.4 GHz) for
about a minute 20 seconds. The GUI is almost unresponsive during this
time. Previous versions did this, but it only seemed to take a few moments.

2. Occasionally Wing stops responding to keystrokes during typing.  I find
myself typing and then I look at the editor and there's nothing there.  All of
a sudden (after 10 seconds +-) the text appears. Hmm.

It almost seems as if you need to delve into your 
background processes and see where they can take a long time and then
code some yields to the GUI event loop. At least that's my suspicion...

Jeff Sasmor

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