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[wingide-users] Wing died in Windows 2000

Wing IDE Support
30 May 2002 15:14:21 -0400

We just uploaded a patch which fixes this problem and displays a message
that the project file is invalid.  The patch is available from the
downloads page at -- follow
the bug fixes link to see the list of the available fixes.  To install
the fix, unpack the tar file in the directory Wing is installed in.


On Wed, 2002-05-29 at 15:13, Marco Satyro wrote:
> Hi Stephan
> Thanks for your quick response. It seems that my project file got damaged
> somehow. I deleted it and Wing started working again. I am attaching the
> file fyi.
> If I may suggest, you may want to consider checking for the validity of that
> file and pop up a message informing the user that the project is invalid.
> Congrats on a really neat product and good tech support.
> Marco
> Marco A. Satyro, Ph.D., P.Eng.
> 403 241 3929 (phone / fax)
> 928 222-3552 (efax)
> Virtual Materials Group, Inc.
> 657 Hawkside Mews NW
> Calgary, AB, Canada T3G 3S1

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