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[wingide-users] Search

Gary Bishop
Wed, 29 May 2002 08:50:14 EDT

The Wing IDE is great stuff. But I *hate* the way search works. I find my self 
drifting back to emacs because search works *so* much better there.

In Emacs I type C-f and the isearch prompt appears in the "mini-buffer" area. 
Nothing is obscured on the screen. If I type C-f again, I get the previous 
search string. If I start typing letters then the incremental search commences.

In Wing I type C-f and it pops up a dialog obscuring part of my screen. If I 
hide the dialog, then next time I type C-f (sometime later in the session) it 
immediately searches for whatever I searched for last which is usually the 
WRONG thing. I have to delete that string (which I can't see because the 
dialog is hidden) then I can start searching. Ack!

Could we use the status line or the line at the top that usually says 
"Debugger: Ready and idle" to display the search string instead of this 
dialog? Is this something a user could reasonably hack into the code?

Wing really is great stuff. But this one thing drives me crazy...


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