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[wingide-users] Newbie Questions

John Ehresman
25 May 2002 18:04:42 -0400


Wing doesn't currently have an interface to check in and check out CVS
files, but one is on our to-do list.  Wing can be used in conjunction
with the command line cvs program or any of the cvs gui clients; it
doesn't do anything that confuses cvs.

The archives of this list are available at and can be searched
with the website wide search box on our home page.

Thanks for your interest in Wing,


On Fri, 2002-05-24 at 16:55, Burchill, Scott B. wrote:
> Sorry in advance for these newbie questions.  I wanted to search the
> archives for this list to answer some simple questions but couldn't find the
> archives.  So, first questions, where are the archives?  Can they be
> searched?
> Real question:  All my python code is in CVS.  Does WingIDE have any
> knowledge of and therefore abilty to deal with files managed by CVS?
> Thanks! and sorry again for the newbie questions.
> sbb
> Scott Burchill

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