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[wingide-users] Feature Request: File Manager
Fri, 10 May 2002 13:52:40 -0400

(MS Windows only)

Although this isn't quite what you are asking for, I find that the
following technique helps to quickly opening (in Wing IDE) arbitrary files
from a source tree:

1) Create a shortcut to Wing IDE on your desktop.

2) With Wing IDE already running, drag a file from Windows Explorer (the
tree view of Windows explorer is particularly effective for this) onto the
WING IDE icon that you placed on your desktop. This opens the file in Wing
IDE without creating a new instance of Wing IDE, and it does not add the
file it to your project.


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                            Subject:     [wingide-users] Feature Request: File Manager    
                    05/10/2002 01:35 PM                                                                       

hi folks,

it would be nice if their was a file manager similiar to the tree based
project manager suggested earlier. the major difference being that the file
manager would show all files, as opposed to project files. again, its
navigation on large source trees where a project might only encompass a
subset of the source tree. its probably the biggest reason why i switch
to emacs on occasion (for directory mode). as added feature on to the base
request, drag and drop between the file manager to the project manager
be a nice bonus ;)



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