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[wingide-users] Multi-OS License?

Wing IDE Sales
Fri, 22 Mar 2002 14:38:35 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Jacob Lundqvist wrote:
> Helo, what about a dual license?

Unfortunately, we don't offer this now and have no plans to do so in the
future.  Our discounts are limited to volume purchases, educational use
discounts, and free licenses for non-commercial open source developers.

Please be assured that we have given careful thought to our pricing
structure, which reflects the cost of supporting each platform, and the
fact that we exist in what is really still a very tiny niche market.

Also, please keep in mind that licenses are already quite cheap when
compared to just about any metric of cost in commercial software
development (programmer salaries, total project costs, etc).  Typically,
Wing will pay for itself in a matter of days or weeks.

Interestingly, we've had quite a few users urge us to raise the price to
better reflect what the product can do.  We have no plans to do this,
however, in part because we're sensitive to the issue of foreign exchange
rates, which come into play in about 50% of our sales.

> And now I just realized, if you agree on the multi-os license idea, it
> would be nice to have an upgrade path for us existing customers.

We will offer an upgrade path to 2.x and any higher-end products we may
produce.  If we do alter our price structure, we will always try to build
in reasonable upgrade paths for our existing customers.

Thanks, anyway, for bringing this up!

- Stephan

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