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[wingide-users] Oddity

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Tue, 19 Mar 2002 23:50:23 -0500 (EST)

On 19 Mar 2002, Ken Kinder wrote:
> See if you can reproduce this. I have a class with several methods, all
> of which are folded. Because they are folded, there is no room to
> scroll. So the scrollbar takes up the entire scrollbar area -- I'm
> viewing 100% of the document.
> If I click on the + to unfold a method, and the code of the method
> expands the scrollbar (say that because of that unfold, I'm only viewing
> 80% of the document), I cannot use the mouse wheel to scroll down until
> I do something else. I think it's behaving as it should have before I
> unfolded the code. The scrollbar updates, but the behavior of the mouse
> wheel does not, until I do something else.
> If I scroll up with the mouse wheel, then scroll down, it works. And
> using the down arrow on my keyboard works.

I was unable to reproduce this one either on Windows or Linux (Mandrake).
It always immediately scrolls down as expected.  Does it do it on all
files or only certain ones?  I've noticed some wheel mice can be flakey
about whether or not they actually emit wheel events (at the hardware
level), but it wouldn't be constrained to such a specific case.

> Also, if I cut a folded method, and paste it, it pastes unfolded. I'm
> trying to re-arrange a large API of methods, so having it unfold when I
> move methods around is a bit time-consuming.

Yes, this is annoying.  It may be non-trivial to fix because of the design
of the gtk/X clipboard code.  But I've added it to our list.


- Stephan

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