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[wingide-users] Oddity

Ken Kinder
19 Mar 2002 13:14:35 -0600

See if you can reproduce this. I have a class with several methods, all
of which are folded. Because they are folded, there is no room to
scroll. So the scrollbar takes up the entire scrollbar area -- I'm
viewing 100% of the document.

If I click on the + to unfold a method, and the code of the method
expands the scrollbar (say that because of that unfold, I'm only viewing
80% of the document), I cannot use the mouse wheel to scroll down until
I do something else. I think it's behaving as it should have before I
unfolded the code. The scrollbar updates, but the behavior of the mouse
wheel does not, until I do something else.

If I scroll up with the mouse wheel, then scroll down, it works. And
using the down arrow on my keyboard works.

Also, if I cut a folded method, and paste it, it pastes unfolded. I'm
trying to re-arrange a large API of methods, so having it unfold when I
move methods around is a bit time-consuming.

Ken Kinder

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