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[wingide-users] More complaining

Ken Kinder
06 Mar 2002 11:02:38 -0600

Ah - I see what you mean. It might be a good idea to be able to just
turn off the display of global classes -- so if someone passes me a
class as a variable, it would be displayed. Python 2.2's class methods
are a good example of this.

On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 10:44, Stephan R.A. Deibel wrote:
> On 5 Mar 2002, Ken Kinder wrote:
> > It seems that on some of my class methods, the first argument being cls,
> > cls isn't visible in the debugger.
> That's because 'class' is on of the default omitted value types in the
> debug.omit-types preference.  You may want to remove that.  If that
> results in more junk than you want, let me know.  We may want to add finer
> control over when to show things and when not to show things in the
> default debugger views.
> - Stephan
Ken Kinder

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