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[wingide-users] debugging COM servers

Wing IDE Support
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 12:46:12 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 5 Mar 2002 wrote:
> I've encountered two problems that prevented me from being able to use this
> debugging technique (more generically, where the python environment is
> started outside the control of the WingIDE debugger). And I discovered the
> steps needed to overcome them, in my specific case at least.
> 1) I version 1.1.2 of Wing IDE, the "attach to an already-running debug
> process" command did not work. It did not bring up the "attach to debug
> process" dialog.

There is also a patch that fixes this available for 1.1.2 from  This was a regression that snuck past our
testing... sorry about that.

[I'll just take this moment to re-mention the other regression, which
broke wingle-view-per-window mode.  If you're using that mode, updating to
1.1.2 will appear to break Wing.  A bug fix for that is also available
from the above link.  We try to avoid such things but unfortunately this
release had two of them.]

> 2) Python 2.1.1 did not have a debugging support folder in the standard
> Wing IDE installation.
> my fix:
> In my case, WingIDE is installed in C:\Program Files\Wing IDE.
> In that directory, the bin directory contained a 2.1.0 directory, but not a
> 2.1.1 directory. So I copied the 2.1.0 directory and renamed it to 2.1.1.
> This allowed me to connect to the debugger when running a python script by
> calling the python21.dll from C++ or C#. This seemed like a kludgy solution
> but it worked. If there is a more dependable way (perhaps to build a custom
> 2.1.1 folder from first principles), I hope archaeopteryx will consider
> supplying such a directory in future releases.

There is no 2.1.0 folder because there is import magic in the debugger
code (see that steps back to the 2.1.0 directory if you're
using 2.1.1+.  This will always work except if there's a byte code
generation fix, in which case we'ld have to include another directory also
(but so far this hasn't been necessary to support the new minor releases).

Did you actually try and fail to get it to find the debugger stuff or was
this just your impression from looking at the contents of the debugger

- Stephan

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