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[wingide-users] debugging COM servers

Wing IDE Support
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 12:07:18 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Craig Morris wrote:
> It is my curse to have to occasionally debug python code that is
> functioning as a Windows COM server using Mark Hammond's excellent win32com
> stuff.  I was wondering if anyone has figured out a way to use Wing to
> debug such a beast (the com server code is externally started from
> something like a VB client).  I tried the default wingdbstub and that did
> not work, although it is quite likely I was doing something wrong.
> Any pointers would be most gratefully received.

Did you read through the manual section debugging externally launched
code?  The steps are basically:

- Make sure the WINGHOME value is set right in
- Copy over to where your COM server code is
- Add an 'import wingdbstub' in a place that gets executed before
  the code you want to debug
- Turn on passive listen in Wing from the Debug / Network Mode menu
- Set a breakpoint in Wing IDE
- Launch the COM server code... it should stop at the breakpoint
  or at least the debug status area in the top of Wing's windows
  should change to "Debugger: Program Running"

I'm assuming you're running Wing and the debug process on the same
machine.  If not, there are additional steps needed.

You can diagnose problems by setting kSilent=0 in and by
starting Wing from the command line with console_wing.exe (which will
outputs extra debug info).  The output is pretty verbose but if you send
it to we can likely figure out where the problem lies.

Hope that helps... please let us know if not.


- Stephan

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