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[wingide-users] Project compact

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Mon, 10 Jun 2002 21:51:22 -0400 (EDT)

On 10 Jun 2002, Ken Kinder wrote:
> Ok, the project->compact file works ok, but why isn't there an option to
> prune non-existent files themselves? I have a few lingering files in my
> project now, and they don't go away with the compactor.

The compaction code is only designed to prune attributes stored for files,
such a scroll position, selection range, breakpoints, etc.  It doesn't
actually prune files from the project list.  That's something that will be
supported in our planned auto-updating project entries (which will
add/remove files according to what's actually on disk).

The reason for not removing attributes or files automatically is if you
use a project in several places, it would be annoying to lose info in the
project just because you open it somewhere that is missing a set of files.
Attribute compaction isn't needed that often anyway... it's the lack of
auto-updating of the files listed in the project that seems to be more of
an annoyance in practice.

- Stephan

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