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[wingide-users] Use Spaces Only

Ken Kinder
05 Jun 2002 17:40:01 -0500

I was in the task of editing an HTML'ish file that's been edited by lots
of people, with lots of styles. WingIDE kept trying to put tabs in, and
under Source->Indentation, "Used Mixed Tabs and Spaces" was selected.
So, I click on "Use Spaces" (which isn't greyed out) and NOTHING
happens. The behavior does not change and nothing new is reported on the
status bar. The selection does not change on the menu either.

What I'd like to do is leave everyone else's code alone (ie; don't
change the whole file and make it hard for someone in CVS to understand
what I really changed). But, I'd like my new code to use spaces only.

This, it seems, I cannot do.

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