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[wingide-users] Editor looses completion list

Wing IDE Support
22 Jul 2002 21:26:32 -0400

If you run into this again, can you try reopening the file (select it
again from the open dialog box when it's already open)? This causes Wing
to discard any cached information about the file and to reanalyze its
contents. This comes in handy when the analysis engine gets confused.



On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 15:57, Ken Kinder wrote:
> Every once in a while, I edit a file, and WingIDE looses its list of
> completions. When I close and reopen the file, it starts completing
> again. The completions that it looses are the inherited ones. The local
> ones do not go away, this is very rare, and I still can't isolate any
> behavior I do that causes this... (?)
> Sorry I don't have any more details than this. I thought you might want
> to know sometimes it wigs out. I do always use this form of importing:
> from x import y

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