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[wingide-users] single key search of current selection
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 17:36:02 -0500

I'd love to see a way to search forward in the currently edited file for
the contents of the current selection.
I've used such a feature in several IDEs. MS Visual Studio maps it (in one
of their default mappings) to ctrl-F3, as does Visual Cafe (Webgain). Is
there an easy way to implement this? Maybe the current key bindings allow
this to be done, but I do not see it in teh documentation.

I do not (and will not) use and learn the EMACS key bindings and paradigm
(I'm an old stubborn horse). But I'd happily accept a feature from EMACS
that would do what I am asking.

Currently, I work around this by memorizing a sequence of keystrokes that
copies the current selection, selects everything to the right of the cursor
position in the Find manager, pastes the search string, and then does the
Find or Reverse find. But I'd rather do it with ctrl-F3. Call me an old

If this is possible, I'd further like to see ctrl-shift-F3 initiate a
search backward in the file for the currently selected text.


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