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[wingide-users] Wing on Mac OS X

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 14:01:38 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Manoj Plakal wrote:
> Right now, Wing is running on top of the BSD interface of OS X, with a
> ported XFree (XDarwin) and standard out-of-the-box Gtk. Which means it
> should run on the other BSDs and Solaris without too much effort.
> Maybe HP-UX/AIX too. Maybe the Linux port of Wing could be generalized
> into a Unix/POSIX port. There isn't that much Linux-specific code. Not
> sure if there is much demand for a generic Unix port, but there seem
> to be a few people interested in OS X :)

As noted, we plan to support the OS X port.  For other Unix ports, we
might require building from source.

This isn't ideal but it's better than no support at all for platforms for
which people have interest and we don't yet have the resources to purchase
hardware and to allocate time to providing full support.

Yes, the other posix ports are likely to be easy enough.  Anyone
interesting in attempting another port, please contact us at  The reward for doing this is that Wing then runs on
your favorite platform, and you get free licenses to any platforms that
you want them for.

> The only problem I see is in building extension modules for various
> platforms, including the license manager which includes a binary-only
> module for which there is no distributed source.

We will work with those initially interested in doing a port to deal with
the license manager issue and to help with the port itself.  After that,
we would just include the one license secrets file in binary form as part
of the source dist. It would never change from release to release, so
rebuilding the rest from source for a particular platform should work w/o
the license support becoming an issue again after the first time Wing is
ported to that platform.

I realize the license setup is a bit odd, since customers have access to
the source that calls the license checks, but it's got to be that way for
legal reasons, so we can enforce the license if we need to.

Thanks very much to Manoj for his great and totally unexpected work on the
Mac OS X port!

- Stephan

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