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[wingide-users] Wing feature request - context searching

Jacob Lundqvist
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 16:29:25 +0100

It would be nice to have context aware searches:

Suggested modes:
"String searching","syntax searching" and "plain-searching", 

"String searching"
in this mode searches are only done within strings (and perhaps
 A common problem for me in a current project where I have huge ammounts
of string tupples all over the place, is to find occurances of ","
within strings, it takes forever to jump past all the "," that
sepparates the string items
another similar problem is in a SQL system, when i need to find
ocurances of and within strings, and not logical py-syntax ands

"Syntax searching"
in this mode only search outside of strings for actual syntax

as now, view source file as a generic text-document and just search

	mvh /Jacob Lundqvist

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