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[wingide-users] Wing on Mac OS X

Manoj Plakal
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 06:55:09 -0600

Richard Chamberlain wrote:

>Looks like you've done a wonderful job on that Manoj! It looks great on OS X.
>What are Archaeopteryx's policy on ports like this? i.e Can Manoj post this up 
>somewhere for other OS X users? I've got the linux version of Wing, which I no 
>longer use because I don't often use Linux anymore - so the OS X version would 
>be ideal.

                  The changes I made were very small, so I'm
                  hopeful of them being merged into the main
                  sources without too much effort from
                  Archaeopteryx (that's a mouthful, what's the short 

                  Right now, Wing is running on top of the
                  BSD interface of OS X, with a ported XFree (XDarwin)
                  and standard out-of-the-box Gtk. Which means
                  it should run on the other BSDs and Solaris
                  without too much effort. Maybe HP-UX/AIX  too.
                  Maybe the Linux port of Wing could be generalized
                  into a Unix/POSIX port. There isn't that much
                  Linux-specific code. Not sure if there
                  is much demand for a generic Unix port, but
                  there  seem to be a few people interested in OS X :)

                  The only problem I see is in building extension modules
                  for various platforms, including the license manager
                  which includes a binary-only module for which there
                  is no distributed source.


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