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[wingide-users] Wing on Mac OS X

Manoj Plakal
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 06:08:45 -0600

Don't worry, this is my last mail with
Wing-on-OSX screenshots :)

After some timely help from
Archaeopteryx with fixing some
Linux-specific code, and a few
more changes here and there,
Wing now seems to be
almost fully functional on OS X!

Here are screenshots of
Wing debugging a non-trivial
app: the wxPython demo. [small] [large] [small] [large]

Of course, there may be hidden problems
since I haven't used Wing extensively
yet for a long period of time. But
things look pretty good right now.

The only problem is that Gtk apps
are very sluggish with XDarwin
and OSX, at least on my poor little
iBook. Maybe someone with
a beefier Mac could try it out.

Are there any hopes of an
OSX-native version of Gtk?
There're some old posting
to gtk-devel and a seemingly
dead gtk-mac project on sourceforge.


Manoj Plakal wrote:

> Well, after a few hours of effort, here're some
> screenshots of Wing running on OS X 10.1
> with GTK(AquaLightBlue theme)/OroborOSX/XDarwin:
>      [Small]
>      [Large]
> It's a little sluggish on my iBook (G3-500MHz
> with 576 MB RAM), but I think that is
> a general Gtk problem.
> It's not all working yet, there seem to be
> some Linux-specific code for spawning
> processes and so on so it can't find
> or run Python. But I think that's
> fixable with a little more effort. Just
> wanted to let people know that
> it's partially working ...
> Archeo-folks: will send ChangeLogs
> and some questions soon.
> Manoj
> Manoj Plakal wrote:
>> Stephan R.A. Deibel wrote:
>>> On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Manoj Plakal wrote:
>>>> Does Wing IDE run on MacOS X? Has anyone tried
>>>> building from source? There are reports of
>>>> successfully building GTK/wxGTK/wxPython so
>>>> I was wondering if Wing would work too.
>>> It has not been ported to MacOS X, although we do have hopes that 
>>> this is
>>> not going to be a difficult port.  There are likely to be a few problems
>>> with process control for the debug process but yes it sounds like 
>>> GTK can
>>> work under the X server support for MacOS X (which is optional, I 
>>> believe,
>>> but would be a requirement of any reasonably doable port of Wing IDE).
>>> I don't expect we'll be doing this port real soon, but would consider
>>> working with anyone motivated enough to actually try it.
>>          I'm in the process of installing Mac OS X 10.1 on an
>>          iBook right now.
>>          I would like to try building Wing IDE 1.1 from source
>>          (the Linux version). Sometime in the next few days.
>>          Will let you (Cc list) know how it goes. Any tips and
>>          help would be welcome.
>>          Manoj
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