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[wingide-users] Tips for using search and structural folding?

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 11:42:55 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Gary Bishop wrote:
> 1) When I type ctrl-F to activate the search manager, the string from my last 
> search is still there. If I use multiple backspace characters to delete it, I 
> get an incremental search on every character. I can select the word with the 
> mouse and delete it but this requires using the mouse. Is there some quick, 
> keyboard way, to kill the old search string?

Ctrl-backspaces deletes the whole thing for me.

> 2) When I search while the text is folded the manager will tell me the search 
> succeeded but I can't see it. Is there a way to automagically open folded 
> sections during a search? Or failing that, to manually open the fold with the 
> found string?

Hmm, it should be expanding the folds to show the search result.  Indeed
it is not... that's a bug that needs to be fixed for 1.1.2!  Sorry about

> 3) Can I preserve the folding from one session to the next? Or start up in 
> folded mode?

Currently, folding isn't saved across sessions.  You can quickly fold up
all fold points if you use alt-home (alt-end expands all).  What we were
already planning was to add a smart folder that folds up all but still
shows the top-level functions/methods and optionally also method
docstrings.  Sounds like we should also allow the user the option of
preserving fold state across sessions, and allow also the option to
initially apply the smart folder, once that exists.

We're always open to suggestions for folding features...


- Stephan

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