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[wingide-users] Quick window switching

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 12:20:54 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 16 Jan 2002 wrote:
> In the old version of Wing, when everything got its own window, I
> switched windows with ctrl+tab in my WM. Now that everything is in its
> own window, I generally like the clean interface, but I don't have an
> efficient way of switching.
> If like some function key were bound to bringing up the Project
> Manager with the file list focussed, that would help a little. What
> would be even better would having pressing <enter> on a file bring
> that file up in the other window *and* focussing the other window
> again.

Hmm... Shift-F1 should bring up the project manager and your should be
able to navigate around then with the arrow keys (up/down, or
right/left to expand/collapse) and push <enter> to bring up items, which
should return focus to the editor window.

Also, there is the View Manager from the Windows menu (Ctrl-Alt-W), which
is also keyboard navigable.

Finally, Next/Previous View in the File menu (Ctrl-F5/F6) cycle through
views forward or backward within Wing in a way similar to ctrl-tab would
have before.

Are these not working?

Some X window managers don't give focus to the windows properly and so far
we haven't figured out how to force them to... for example, Enlightenment
has this problem even if you configure it to give focus to raised windows.
Drives me crazy, so I would fix it if I could...

Also, note that you can alter the key bindings by changing the
keymap.normal or keymap.emacs (if using emacs mode) files in the Wing
distribution... this is best done by making a copy and setting your
gui.keymap preference to point to the copy (otherwise your changes will
be lost during upgrades).

Hope that helps...

- Stephan

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