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[wingide-users] Supported Mainloops

Mon, 14 Jan 2002 20:37:40 +0100

I gave anygui a try and found, that PythonWin is not a "Supported Mainloop"
(s. in WingIDE.

In anygui's one can find the supported backends: _backends =
'msw java wx tk qt curses text'

anygui tries them in this order. So on my Win2k box 'msw' is anygui's
prefered backend. In the manual they say, that 'msw' means 'PythonWin'. As
this is not a mainloop supported by WingIDE breakpoints aren't hit anymore
after a call to the Application object's run method.

I changed the list of backends so that anygui chooses 'tk' to be the backend
it works with on Windows. 'tk' is a supported mainloop and WingIDE behaves
as expected: Everything's o.k. again.

As anygui hides the backend one is developing for, it should not matter if
it's 'msw', 'tk' or whatever. Agreed. This is the reason, why I gave it a
try. Nevertheless, it's probably a good idea to have WingIDE's *Windows*
port support 'msw' (i.e. PythonWin).

My platform: W2k Prof/SP2; ASPython 2.1, anygui 0.1.

Any comments?

Best regards

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