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[wingide-users] Bugfix for one-view-per-window mode, v. 1.1.2

Wing IDE Support
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 23:00:08 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Rick Sivernell wrote:
>    I have just dl your latest code. Install works great, type wing &
> works great. go to project -> new project and select, no window,
> it just disappears. I dl the wing-1.1.2-1-zope-2.5.0-linux-bundle.tar.
>    Is there something I missed or did wrong?

New Project shouldn't open any windows... as it stands, Wing is designed
to only open one project at a time, so this just closes the current
project and creates an untitled one, into which you can then add files.

As such, it reuses the same project manager window, which if not already
visible can be brought up from the Windows menu or with Shift-F1.

Let me know if I'm misinterpreting what you're describing but it sounds
like it's doing what it's designed to do.

- Stephan

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