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[wingide-users] Extraneous error msg about netserver.pyc

Andrew Ittner andrew.ittner at
Sun, 29 Dec 2002 19:00:35 -0800

Whenever I finish a debugging session in Python 2.2 using WingIDE Lite 1.1.7
on Win98SE, I get the following printed to stdout:

An exception occurred:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\src\ide-11\bin\2.2.0\src/debug/server\netserver.pyc", line 1600,
in __CheckForConnectionRequests
TypeError: timeout must be a float or None
  File "C:\Program Files\Wing IDE Lite\bin\", line 470, in ?
  File "C:\Program Files\Wing IDE Lite\bin\", line 423, in main
    DebugFile(server, args['filename'], err)
  File "C:\Program Files\Wing IDE Lite\bin\", line 340, in
    server.Run(filename, sys.argv)
  File "c:\src\ide-11\bin\2.2.0\src/debug/server\netserver.pyc", line 735,
in Run
  File "c:\src\ide-11\bin\2.2.0\src/debug/server\netserver.pyc", line 964,
in ProgramStopped
  File "c:\src\ide-11\bin\2.2.0\src/debug/server\netserver.pyc", line 1617,
in __CheckForConnectionRequests

This comes directly after the last print statement in my code (if any).  Is
there a way to silence this error msg?  It doesn't affect me (that I can
see, anyway), and it scrolls the stdout text up so that I can't see anything
but the last few statements - annoying, but livable.

Andrew Ittner

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