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[wingide-users] Printing Large Data Structures in Debug Probe

John Ehresman jpe at
06 Dec 2002 17:14:29 -0500

This problem is apparently caused by a combination of cStringIO
performance problems that were fixed in Python 2.2 and some of our code
that needed to be optimized for long result lines.  We are working on a
fix for the problems in our code, which should be available early next



On Thu, 2002-12-05 at 08:11, Ken Kinder wrote:
> Let's say I were debugging something which has some moderately large
> data structures. Not huge, just like a list of a hundred or two
> elements, each element a dictionary of a few dozen elements, each one of
> those elements very small.
> Which, by the way, happens to be exactly what I'm doing.
> When I try to evaluate this data structure on the interactive debug
> probe, WingIDE just kind of freezes for a few moments, and then prints
> nothing, as though I never hit enter. I'm not sure how you'd actually
> resolve something like that, but it should at least print something,
> like "variable too large" or whatnot.

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