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[wingide-users] Sample projects and Help doc issue?

Wing IDE Support support at
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 10:47:05 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Robert Oschler wrote:
> 1) Where are some sample projects to experiment with?

Not yet.  We're working on tutorials and such but right now the best
approach is to take some code you're used to using and just "Add Directory
Tree" it into a project and save the project file.

You'll also want to look at Project Properties to set things like Python
path and so forth.  And you may want to set one of the files as the main
entry point, which you can do either by right-clicking on the file in
the project manager or using the Set Current as Main Debug File item in
the Project menu.

There's not much more to that than setting up a project (but yes, a wizard
would be nice).  Once this is done, you should see you modules and classes
appear in the source browser and should get reasonable auto-completion
choices when typing in the code.  If not, you can check whether Wing seems
to be finding the version of Python you want by looking at the Show
Analysis Stats dialog from the Source menu.

> 2) None of the Help menu HTML sub-menu selections work.  I think
> WingIDE is having trouble launching the netscape browser.  I see a
> message in the xterm window I launched 'wing' with complaining that
> both netscape 4.78 and 5.0 are running and that it will use 4.78.
> But nothing happens, that is, no browser window appears with a HTML
> page.

The commands that Wing tries in displaying source are set in your
~/.wingide/preferences file (actually, that only includes prefs you
override; the main preferences file is in the Wing IDE installation).

To alter what commands are being used for URL display, you can add
your own preference based on the default:

gui.url-display-cmds={ \
  'http': [ "netscape -remote 'openURL(%s)'", "netscape %s &" ], \
  '*': [ "netscape -remote 'openURL(%s)'", "netscape %s &" ] \

This is a list of URL types followed by a list of commands to try in order
until one succeeds.  There are two for http because it first tries reusing
an existing instance of netscape and if that fails launches a new one.

This works with netscape 4.62... maybe all you need to do is add a full
path so the right netscape gets executed.

There is a similar pref for setting commands to use for opening files by
mime type.  This gets used for opening the PDF format docs from the help

gui.file-display-cmds={ \
  'application/pdf': [ 'acroread %s &', 'ghostview %s &' ], \
  '*': [ "netscape -remote 'openFile(%s)'", "netscape %s &" ] \

Note that you can get at your preferences file from the Edit menu's
Preferences item and currently need to restart Wing IDE after saving the
edited file.

The next version of Wing has a GUI-based preferences editor (although
textual editing of the file will still be supported) and has other
changes in the GUI aimed at making it easier to figure out and use.

- Stephan

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