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[wingide-users] WingIDE for OS X (was: WingIDE icons available)

Manoj Plakal
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 18:27:18 -0500

I'll be glad to try out any beta OS X build
you have, even if it's on my poor little G3 iBook.


Wing IDE Support wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, SNYDER, BARRON F (AIT) wrote:
>>I'm anxiously awaiting the OS X port. Currently I'm doing all my Python
>>coding in BBEdit. It's a nice editor but it's not an IDE.
>>Are you still looking at this spring for an OS X release?
> Yes.  We were hoping early spring, but assuming we try to solve some of
> the worst problems first, it looks like mid to late spring, as defined in
> New England anyway.
> I think we're open to releasing earlier what we would regard as a somewhat
> shoddy beta if people feel they might be willing to deal with the warts.
> Our recommendation would be to use a fast G4 to avoid the clunkiness and
> we'll try to come up with work-arounds for some of the other issues, if no
> bug fixes appear.
> These are the XDarwin/OroborOSX related bugs we have:
> * Meta key doesn't work (so Alt key bindings don't work)
> * Periodically drops certain key values while typing (refuses
>   to place the key until you press some other key, delete, then type
>   the key again!)
> * Resizing windows is really clunky and slow with the opaque drawing (also
>   for non-Wing windows, so this is not specific to Wing or gtk)
> * Scroll bars in editors are slow when holding down on arrows (again
>   does not seem to be specific to Wing or gtk)
> * Color does not work in menus, source browser items, project manager
>   main debug file, etc: Color allocation may be failing under XDarwin?
> * OS X shades below the auto-completer, so it's hard to see what you're
>   typing (we either need to live with it or move the auto-completer
>   on OS X)
> These are OS X specific bugs in our code:
> * Start New Console for debug process does not work
> * Editor state restoring uses old state during ^X b switching back and
>   forth between two files
> Although we'll try to fix or work around as much of this as possible, the
> bottom line seems to be that Wing on OS X will be a bumpier and slower
> ride than elsewhere, at least for some time to come.  This stems largely
> from the many layers of display architecture X programs go through on OS X
> machines, as well as bugs in the X server and window manager.
> - Stephan
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