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[wingide-users] mod_python usage

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 17:18:00 -0400 (EDT)

On 24 Apr 2002, Ken Kinder wrote:
> I'm having some trouble with getting WingIDE to work nicely with
> mod_python. I import wingdbstub at the top of my file, and all I get is
> a dialog reading:
> 	The debug server has stopped responding: Network connection has been
> closed
> I've tried putting in breakpoints which simply aren't being stopped on.
> Suggestions?

You might set kEmbedded=1 in wingdbstub.  I believe this is needed in
mod_python, because otherwise the debug machinery incorrectly detects
a program exit (which also isn't handled quite correctly in that case,
so the connection isn't closed cleanly and the IDE complains).

If that doesn't help, try setting kSilent=0 in wingdbstub and capturing
the output.  It's likely to include something that indicates why it fails.
You could also set kLogFile to avoid having to capture output sent to

Those are the first steps towards diagnosing the problem.  If that
doesn't help, let me know and we can try looking at some other things.

- Stephan

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