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[wingide-users] Hanging whenever I type "import" !!

Wing IDE Support
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 09:25:56 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002 wrote:
> I have yesterday updated from 1.1b8 to 1.1.3 (with the two bugfix patches) and
> am now encountering a very strange problem ... if I just add a single statement
> to an otherwise empty source window, and this statement happens to be an
> "import" statement then WingIde freezes (forever, or at least until my patience
> runs out).
> This is on a Win98 system, ActiveState Python 2.2 (it also happened on
> Activestate 2.1.1). One further piece of info that is probably significant ...
> yesterday, when I found this first, I upgraded python from 2.1.1 to 2.2 and,
> subsequently, everything was fine and wonderful.  This morning I'm back to the
> same difficulty again, presumably because I have rebooted my machine .....
> Can anyone give me a hint what Wing may be trying to do after the
> import keyword
> .. something to do with autocompletion maybe?

It's a problem in the source analyser, which could be either due to a
corrupted analysis cache (possibly due to concurrent upgrade of Python +
Wing?) or a non-clean upgrade due to your bugfix patches.

To check if it's a cache problem, try this:

1) Remove C:\Program Files\Wing IDE\profiles\nhead\cache
          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^          ^^^^^

   (The first marked part is your Wing IDE installation location,
   the second is your user name or Unknown or similar if you
   don't log on until win98)

2) Try running Wing again

If that's not the cause, it's most likely the installer's failure to
overwrite files that were in the bugfixes you applied.  This happens on
some Windows machines sometimes but why is still a mystery to us.  The fix
for that is:

1) Uninstall Wing IDE from the Add/Remove Programs control panel

2) Remove all of C:\Program Files\Wing IDE (or wherever you installed
   Wing IDE), with the exception of the profiles directory, which
   contains your license file and personal preferences file

3) Reinstall Wing IDE

4) Try Wing again

Note that we've also seen similar problems when people update Python
between major versions within the same directory (e.g., putting
Python 2.2 into C:\python21 after it contained 2.1.x).  There, the
result is usually crashing of the debug process before it can attach
to Wing IDE and the soln is similar removal / manual removal of files /
reinstall as for Wing.

This last thing may not be your problem but I'm suspicious it could
be given your description of working / not working after reboot.

Hope this helps... let me know what seems to solve the problem and if
you notice anything that might be useful in preventing this from


- Stephan

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