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[wingide-users] Another one

Ken Kinder
Mon, 24 Sep 2001 14:24:01 -0600

I don't know what causes this. I have a function that looks something
like this:

    def browse(self, *args):
        win = GtkFileSelection("Select File to Export")
        win.connect("delete_event", win.hide)
        def file_selection_ok(_button, fs=win):
*           self.file.set_text(fs.get_filename())
        win.ok_button.connect("clicked", file_selection_ok)
        win.cancel_button.connect("clicked", win.hide)

The * is a breakpoint. As you can tell,this shows a file selection
box. The breakpoint should invoke when the user selects a file. It
does, but when it happens, WingIDE and my whole X server freeze. I
have to ctrl+alt+backspace out of it. As you can tell, that line would
generate an error because self is out of scope. On the command line it
gracefully tracebacks. In Wing, with or without the breakpoint, it
crashes the X server.

There's probably a conflict or something. BTW, if you can offer a suggestion
on how to get self in scope I would love that. I'm not too experienced
with GUI programming in Python. :)

Ken Kinder

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