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[wingide-users] Two annoyances

Ken Kinder
Mon, 24 Sep 2001 14:02:15 -0600

This is what happened. I was copying code from which comes
with the gtk python bindings. It has tabs, I use spaces. WingIDE
inserted tabs.  I replaced the tabs with spaces, but Wing somehow got
the impression I wanted to use tabs now. Two blue lines appeared
around the code I copied, and even after I converted to spaces, it
still would auto-indent tabs in that area. I had to restart Wing so it
would reload the file. It would be nice if there were a way I could
have it convert the text on paste and it should realize when I go
through and clean out the tabs that I want spaces again.

Now, when ever I save the file, it pops up with the "file has changed"
on disk. Somehow it's lost track of the fact that it changed the file.
Every time I do ctrl+s to save, a few seconds later, I'm told I need
to revert to the file on disk.

Ken Kinder

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