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[wingide-users] 2 annoyances

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 15:06:22 -0400 (EDT)


On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, F. GEIGER wrote:
> On 1.1b7-2 I encountered two peculiarities which are disturbing me quite a
> bit:
> 1) If I open Wing IDE the Source Browser and the Debugger are kind of
> closed. The Source Browser only shows the Doc/Source window and the Debugger
> only shows the Text window. I have to "open" it by pulling at the "..."-bar.
> Why is this? Did I miss an entry in the preferences?
> 2) If I press a cursor key and keep pressing it, the cursor does not move
> until I stop pressing the key. Then the cursor jumps. This is in all
> directions.
> Both could have to do with the new platform I'm working on: I installed b7-2
> on a Windows 2000 Professional machine. So unfortunately I did two steps at
> once: Change the platform from NT 4.0 to W2k AND change Wing IDE from b7-1 +
> patches to b7-2.

This sounds to me like it may be the failure-to-upgrade-correctly bug. 
Did you install to a network location or otherwise install over the
pre-existing Wing 1.1b7-1?  If so, try uninstalling completely as
described in and then install again.  
If this fixes it, please let us know if you installed any bug fix patches
over 1.1b7-1.  We're trying to track down the cause of this.

If that doesn't sound like the problem, let's try to work through it...
e.g., let me know what screen size you're running on, which may affect
(1).  I'm wondering whether (2) may be some new problem with non-US
keyboards, although all the changes relating to that had been made in
1.1b7-1 already so that may just be paranoia.  Also, in this case, please
send me your preferences file.  However, let's do this directly rather
than via this list:  You can send to

In any case, win2k + 1.1b7-2 upgraded over a patched 1.1b7-1 is what
I'm running and so far it works without the above problems so there
must be some differences in environment.


- Stephan

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