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Jens Gelhaar
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 14:42:06 +0200


I've been working with Wing several weeks. I like that and find you have done a good job. To make this program really outstanding to me, here are some proposals, which would make sense:
1. Source Window. It is pretty useless to me, because the source window is at the bottom of the window. When I open an real project and try to locate an file or a class, there is no space left for the source. I would prefer the tree on the left side and the source sub window on the right side. 
2. I would prefer to see the open files on card riders. When I open 10 or more files, it is difficult to find the right one quickly. 
3. The interpretation of the python source results in an small but ugly bug. Lets assume
  class a:
  class b:

you write something like that. There are 3 entries in the view for that module in the source window and everywhere else.

Thanks Jens

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