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[wingide-users] More nitpicking

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 12:25:23 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Ken Kinder wrote:
> I'm a software engineer so I know how annoying nit-picking can be. I just
> think this would help other users.
> In the project properties, you have the custom PYTHONPATH setting. The
> problem is, most RPM installations don't have a PYTHONPATH environment
> variable, so as I user I have nothing to base this on. What I have to
> do is go into python, look at sys.path, then basicly figure out the
> syntax for PYTHONPATH.
> It would be nice if when you checked "Custom Setting" for Python Path,
> it would populate the textbox with the default so you would know how
> to add from there (which is usually what you want to do). That I think
> would be a good improvement.
> Eventually some kind of a Delphi-like list editor would be nice, but I
> think it just defaulting the PYTHONPATH would be sufficient. Along
> perhaps with some quick explanation, inside the window, of what the
> delimiter is.

Actually, there should be no need to list the built-in defaults seen in
sys.path... those are automatically determined by which python executable
you run.  The value of PYTHONPATH is prepended to those internal defaults
by the interpreter, in order to arrive at the contents of sys.path.

Thus, in the project properties, you should just specify additional places
to search for your own modules so a default of blank is probably best.  

If you did want to override the entire python library location, you could
do that since your locations will be found before the internals on
sys.path. But that's pretty rare and someone wanting this would know what
they want to specify.

But yes, info on delimiter or something like a list editor would be
better, plus some tidbit of info to avoid confusion about whether this
needs to include the python-provided module locations.

Please *do* continue to nitpick.  We do it all the time internally but of
course each user will have his/her own ideas and perspective and all of
these are valuable in improving the product!


- Stephan

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