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[wingide-users] More nitpicking

Ken Kinder
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 09:59:43 -0600

I'm a software engineer so I know how annoying nit-picking can be. I just
think this would help other users.

In the project properties, you have the custom PYTHONPATH setting. The
problem is, most RPM installations don't have a PYTHONPATH environment
variable, so as I user I have nothing to base this on. What I have to
do is go into python, look at sys.path, then basicly figure out the
syntax for PYTHONPATH.

It would be nice if when you checked "Custom Setting" for Python Path,
it would populate the textbox with the default so you would know how
to add from there (which is usually what you want to do). That I think
would be a good improvement.

Eventually some kind of a Delphi-like list editor would be nice, but I
think it just defaulting the PYTHONPATH would be sufficient. Along
perhaps with some quick explanation, inside the window, of what the
delimiter is.

Ken Kinder

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