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[wingide-users] change the default fonts for menus and buttons on win32!
Sat, 08 Sep 2001 03:35:07 -0700

Following the instructions at
I installed wingide 1.1b7 on my Windows NT SP6 box (a 256 MB Dell
Poweredge 1300 with onboard 2MB ATI Technologies 3D RAGE IIC video)
immediately after installing a copy of Python 2.1.

After putting the emailed license.dat file in the proper place, I
started the ide and promptly got a `palletized display (256-colour)
mode not supported on Windows.. aborting' message.  

So I changed my display settings from 1280x1024 256 colors to 
1024x768 65535 colors and tried again, only this time I saw
the following:

I have no idea why wingide selected such an unreadable font.  I
tried selecting the ``Set Display Font Size'' option from the
``Source'' menu but that had no effect.

My efforts to search both Google and the archaeopteryx site and
mailing list archives for information on how to change the font 
turned up nothing.  

Finally I found some information on page 55 of wingide-1.1b7-1-letter.pdf
which solved the problem. putting the lines

gui.display-font-name={ 'linux': None, 'win32': 'Lucida Console' }
gui.display-font-size={ 'linux': None, 'win32': 14 }

made the default startup appear as:

I can only guess that the reason I'm seeing such a useless font by 
default has to do with the way Gtk works on Win32.   

My question to this list is: is anyone actually using the win32 port
of wingide?  There is simply no way I can imagine any windows developer
ever using a tool with a default font this bad!

While this might otherwise be a useful program (I have yet to do
anything with it), but in my book expecting a new user to spend an
hour of searching and experimentation to bring the product to a state
where one can begin to learn to use it is just wrong...

Cimarron Taylor

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