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[wingide-users] Some more things ...

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 14:01:49 -0400 (EDT)

On 23 Oct 2001, Martin Preishuber wrote:
> - On samba-mounted drives the question dialog "file has saved on disk,
> do you want to reload" appears even if the file hasn't changed. I know
> that this is some common problem of editors (at least xemacs has the
> same problem).

We knew that this would fail to warn of changes on Samba drives but
haven't seen gratuitous warning... that obviously needs fixing.  Can you
send details to  Please include your Samba server
version and config file if possible, and also the version and service pack
info for the Windows client where you are seeing this.

We use Samba all the time here and haven't seen this, so it must either be
version dependent or some config option we've got turned off.

BTW, I believe the only way to do actual detection of changes on Samba
drives is to poll, which we know from experience is very slow on Windows
even for local drives (it works fine on Linux tho). So for now the
behavior should be to not ever warn on external changes for files on a
Samba drive, except if you try to overwrite an externally modified file.

> - Is there some option to enable this string<dot> behaviour manually ? I
> sometimes have sourcecode which starts with #!@PYTHON@ (.in files which
> will be built by autoconf) and that mechanism doesn't work with those
> files.

Yes, the problem you have is that it's not recognizing the .in files as
Python.  To get it to do that you can:

1) Go to the Source menu, and choose Python from the Syntax Highlighting
   sub-menu.  This gets remembered in your project on a per-file basis.


2) Set up all *.in files to be treated as Python from your preferences.
   To do this add the following preference:

   main.extra-mime-types={ 'in': 'text/x-python' }

I've added your other suggestions (page up/down for autocompleter and
saving Source Browser settings) to our task list.

Thanks for using Wing!

- Stephan

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