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[wingide-users] Some more things ...

Martin Preishuber
23 Oct 2001 19:11:47 +0200

Hi again,

Here are some more thoughts, which might be useful:

- On samba-mounted drives the question dialog "file has saved on disk,
do you want to reload" appears even if the file hasn't changed. I know
that this is some common problem of editors (at least xemacs has the
same problem).
- The suggestion mechanism is great (you know when you type string<dot>
you get all available functions). Maybe it would be useful, if pageUp
and pageDown would work in the listbox, not only cursorUp and
- Is there some option to enable this string<dot> behaviour manually ? I
sometimes have sourcecode which starts with #!@PYTHON@ (.in files which
will be built by autoconf) and that mechanism doesn't work with those
- Is it possible to save the settings of the Source Browser ? Usually I
use "Browse By Module" and don't want to see Variables and Attributes,
but I have to set these options manually everytime I load a project (or
open WingIDE).

Hmm, that's all which came to my mind ;-) 
Btw. I'm really glad that you've made WingIDE. It makes live as a python
coder much easier, especially project managment and that suggestion of
class methods and things ... thanks a lot ;-)


Martin Preishuber - IT Expert, Student, SysAdmin,

Mathematicians often resort to something called Hilbert space, which is
described as being n-dimensional.  Like modern sex, any number can play.
-- Dr. Thor Wald, "Beep/The Quincunx of Time", by James Blish

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