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[wingide-users] debug cursor disappears when using interactive shell

Steven D. Arnold Steven D. Arnold" <
Tue, 13 Nov 2001 04:15:37 -0500


I searched for an answer to this on the Archaeopteryx web site and the
manual.  Unfortunately, the archives do not appear to be searchable;
if this question has been answered in the past and someone would like
to point me at a URL with the appropriate posts, that'd be great, and
my thanks in advance.

I'm using Wing IDE 1.1b8-1.  My Python executable is ActivePython 2.1
(pythonw.exe).  I'm on Windows 2000 Professional.

When I debug a file, I reach a point where I need to type in some code
and see what happens with it.  Usually (but not always) when I do
this, Wing IDE seems to lose track of the debugging session.  The
cursor that identifies the next line to be executed disappears.  And
when I click the "step over" button, the debugger seems to hang
entirely -- I can't click "step over," "step in" or most of the other
debug control buttons.  I pretty much have to quit Wing IDE and
restart it to do anything useful.  Also, it /seems/ that this behavior
happens more often when the code I typed produces an exception of some
kind.  This last bit of information is just going by my memory from
having worked with Wing IDE.

Is this a known problem?  Could it be that Wing IDE is not compatible
with ActivePython 2.1?  Anyone have any other ideas?

One other question -- what do I have to do to view the contents of
stdout and stderr for a program that is being debugged?

Thanks again for any help!

Steven D. Arnold     
AIM: abraxan              MSN:

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