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[wingide-users] source browsing and cgi extension

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Wed, 7 Nov 2001 16:54:01 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Richard Chamberlain wrote:
> It would be really nice that when you use add directory tree in the project 
> window if that would automagically keep up to date - in a similar way that 
> wing checks for changed files. At the moment I'm copying files from my isp to 
> my box and then I have to add it to the project - it would be great if that 
> was automatic.

Thanks for the suggestion.  This is in fact already on the list, but won't
be in 1.1.

> Finally can you keep me posted on the progress of a version for 2.2? Wing is 
> still great without it but I'm missing a whole set of functionality which I 
> can't wait to get back...

This should be available within a few weeks, with the next release.

- Stephan

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