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[wingide-users] OS X compatibility?

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Thu, 1 Nov 2001 17:28:32 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 1 Nov 2001, SNYDER, BARRON F. (AIT) wrote:
> Can Wing be installed on a Macintosh OS X system?
> Has anyone tried?
> What are/might be the problems?

The port hasn't been tried by us and I doubt any of our customers has
tried it.  However, it might not be a terribly difficult port because the
environment should be somewhat close to Linux, and the tools Wing IDE is
based on are I believe all portable to OS X.

We do plan to try this port in the future but not until at least after
1.1 final if not further into the future.

I would expect problems but not the larger sort of issues we've run into
in the Windows port. There will surely be compilation errors to fix and
likely some problems with debug process launch/termination and printing,
since these areas contain small amounts of Linux and Windows specific code
that needs to be reimplemented for OS X. I'd expect also a few existing
bugs would be aggravated and brought to a more critical level by the port.

I can't predict where else there might be problems.  Even on Windows we
had things basically working shortly after the initial build was
completed... unfortunately we had lots of work to get from basically
working to working well.  This was partially because of missing features
and bugs in win32gtk and other code we base on, and partially because we
were concurrently adding major features that we felt were important to the
basic product. That labor intensive second phase should be much less of an
issue in future ports, including OS X.


One near-term option for users with OS X that also use Linux or Windows is
to port only the debug server, which is fairly easy and is described in
the reference manual.  Then code can be developed and debugged on the OS X
machine, connecting the debug process remotely to Wing IDE running on
Linux or Windows.  Note that this currently also requires some sort of
file sharing such as Samba or NFS between the machines.

I hope that's useful info.  We've had a moderate amount of interest in an
OS X port but we want to get our current feature set debugged more
completely before we branch out to other platforms.

Quality is very important to us, which is why we're still calling Wing 1.1
beta and why we allowed our 1.0->1.1 development process to take as long
as it has.

Thanks for your interest in Wing IDE!

- Stephan

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